Assassin's Creed Color Tops Action Figure Aguilar 18 cm

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Assassin's Creed Color Tops Action Figure Aguilar 18 cm
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Aguilar is a warrior in 15th century Spain, during the Inquisition. An Assassin who fights for freedom against powerful forces seeking to eradicate it, Aguilar possesses incredible Parkour fighting abilities. 500 years later, Aguilar’s memories continue to exist within his descendant Callum Lynch. Once unlocked, Callum experiences these memories in the present day, allowing him to re-live Aguilar’s thrilling adventures, while acquiring his ancestor’s powerful skills.

7" (18 cm) Aguilar figure sculpted using 3D scans of actor, Michael Fassbender
Action figure is dressed in his iconic Assassin robes, as seen in the Assassin's Creed motion picture reveal.
Comes armed with Assassin Sword and extended Hidden Blade, and includes AC branded display base.

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