Star Wars Han Solo Mynock Hunt bust PX Excl.

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Star Wars - Han Solo Mynock Hunt bust PX Excl.

Mynocks. Why'd it have to be Mynocks? In an effort to escape the Imperial Fleet at Hoth, the daring Han Solo flew the Millenium Falcon into an
asteroid field and hid inside a cave. Turns out, they weren't the only creatures inside that cave. In fact, it wasn't a cave
at all ... Now you can commemorate that iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back with this PREVIEWS Exclusive
mini bust sculpted using extensive photos pulled from the Lucasfilm archives. Han Solo comes outfitted in his blue
Bespin jacket, breathing apparatus and his trusty DL-44 heavy Blaster pistol. Cast in durable materials and
hand-painted by a team of skilled artisans, it includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


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