StarCraft II Action Figure 1/6 Raynor

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StarCraft II Action Figure 1/6 Raynor 40 cm

From the hit Blizzard Entertainment title, Starcraft II, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce Jim Raynor -Terran Space Marine. Confederate marshal turned outlaw rebel, Jim Raynor does not back down from a fight. Equipped with technologically advanced armor and weaponry, the Raynor - Terran Space Marine was assembled from over 525 individually engineered components, making it one of Sideshow´s most ambitious Sixth Scale projects to date. The detailed armor features light up elements in the chest and engine vents, an impressive cache of weapons includes a C-14 Impaler Gauss rifle, a massive sniper rifle, and Jim´s signature revolver.

The Raynor Sixth Scale Figure features:

- Fully Articulated Figure Body with highly detailed, fully articulated armor
- Removable Helmet with retractable visor
- Alternate Head(s) to display with helmet on or off
- C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle
- Pistol with fabric holster
- Sniper Rifle

Product Size: 15.5" H (393.7mm) x 9.5" W (241.3mm) x 6.75" L (171.45mm)
Manufactured by: Sideshow
Limited Edition



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