Walking Dead Straßenbau Set To Terminus

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Walking Dead Construction Set Road To Terminus
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McFarlane Toys is bringing a revolutionary evolution in brick building toys that allows collectors and fans to literally build their favorite scenes with these highly detailed and realistic construction line. Each set brings immaculate detail, iconic environments, and convincing sculpts, all at an unpredicted size. Add multiple characters to your scenes, combine builds, or just enjoy your awesome creations on its own.

The construction set includes buildable Road to Terminus scene environment with section of ground with railroad tracks, debris, foliage, bushes, and weeds as well as an 18x24 mini map replica of the Terminus Map on the back of the instruction sheet. Set features Terminus sign featuring Maggie's note 'Glenn go to Terminus.' Also contains Maggie Greene figure with Poncho. The set, in total, is 81 pieces.

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