A Better Tomorrow Real Masterpiece Action Figure 1/6 Mark Lee 30 cm

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ENTERBAY is very proud to announce a brand new 1:6 Real Masterpiece Figurine of Mark Lee. The highly accurate figurine is based on the crime movie "A better Tomorrow".

This Mark Lee figure will include:

- 2 newly developed head sculpt (classic & battle damage) with authentic & detailed likeness of Mark
- Detailed wrinkles and skin texture
- Head sculpt(s) are hand-painted with "multi-layer" paint application
- Special developed action body (x 1) with more than 30 points of articulations which easily represent Mark?s signature poses


- A black long coat with suit set, vest & formal shoe.
- A blue long coat with grey worker wear & boots plus leg support X 1.
- Newly developed Mark?s signature interchangeable hands X 7
- Sun Glasses X 1
- Cigarette x 2
- Matches x 2
- Bank notes x 1 pack
- M92F pistol x 1
- HI-POWER pistol x 1
- Vintage cell phone x 1
- Magnetic tape x 1
- Foldable metal trolley x 1
- Big & small water bucket with towel x 1
- Figurine stand X 1
- Double side-printed diorama cardboard X 1

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