Aliens Zubehörpaket für Action-Figuren 30th Anniversary Deluxe Creature-Pack

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Aliens Accessory Pack for Action Figures 30th Anniversary Deluxe Creature Pack

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Aliens, NECA is releasing a deluxe creature pack that includes some frequently requested favorites from the terrifying movie!

These six pieces will make for some mind-blowing dioramas, since they're perfectly in scale with NECA's line of 7 inch figures.


- 2x Stasis Chamber with LED Lights - Press a button to cast an eerie glow on the facehugger preserved within it! You can even fill the tube with water if you choose. Facehugger can also be removed from tube. Batteries included.
- 2x Chestburster with bendable tail
- 2x Facehugger with bendable tail

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