Conan the Barbarian Mixed Media Statue 1/3 Conan War Paint Ver. (Arnold Schwarzenegger) 74 cm

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Conan the Barbarian Mixed Media Statue 1/3 Conan War Paint Version
(Arnold Schwarzenegger) 74 cm
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Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to present their first piece of Robert E. Howard's battleborn Barbarian, the greatest of the Cimmerians, Conan, as depicted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role that launched his career.

"When you think 'Barbarian' you think 'Conan' and when you think Conan you think Arnold,' said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock. "There would be no clemency given for this one, the likeness had to be flawless. And I think we nailed it. I'd hold it up with the best Schwarzenegger pieces ever made."

Arnold himself might agree, personally approving it without a single note.

Hand crafted by PCS artisans in high-quality polystone, the cloth, leather and fur elements of his costume have been faithfully reproduced in mixed media, Atlantean Sword glimmering in polished metal, Wheel of Pain medallion hanging from his neck, and of course, a Certificate of Authenticity.

This collectible stands almost 74 cm tall, posed on a lustrous marbled base in the film's most iconic pose.

Highly limited to 275 pieces worldwide.

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