Fantasy Figure Gallery Griechische Mythologie Sammlung Statue 1/6 Athena (Wei Ho)

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Fantasy Figure Gallery Greek Mythology Collection Statue 1/6 Athena (Wei Ho)
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Witness the strength and beauty of the Goddess Athena, patron of Reason, Inspiration and Creativity!

Allow yourself to be inspired as she stands, poised ready to face the strength of Poseidon in her contest for Athens, clad in the armor of the gods gripping her spear tightly while the sun reflects off of her helmet and shield.
Bathe in the purity of her supple curves, milky skin and calculating gaze, whilst she watches over you; lending you the courage to face any problem that dare rises to stand before you!

After the sensational preview of “Greek Myth: HERA”, this “Athena” is the 2nd in a line of Greek Myth statues built around the impressive artwork of Wei Ho! Lovingly sculpted and available in 1/6 scale resin, comes with castoff abilities.

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