Jaws Kit Amity Island Summer of 75

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Would you dare to spend a vacation on Amity Island?

Open the box of memories of the summer of 1975 on Amity Island and relive the most chilling episode in the history of this charming New England community.

The Amity Island Summer of 75 kit contains souvenirs from the island of that fateful year when a great white shark brought terror to its beaches.

Shrink-wrapped cardboard box containing 13 items:

- Introduction Letter
- Beach Towel (140 x 70 cm)
- Ferry Ticket
- Amity Island Brochure Map
- Amity Gazette
- Anti Stress Shark Figure
- Quint's Keyring (Wood)
- Tin Button "Vote for Larry"
- Tin Button "Amity Surf Shop"
- Warning Tape "Amity Police"
- Coupons Sheet
- Amity Island Postcard
- Amity Beach Arcade Flyer
- 2 Stickers

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