Original Character by Oda non PVC Statue 1/6 Goblin 14 cm

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Goblin, based on an original illustration by Oda non!

This second product release from manufacturer FROG is a work by popular illustrator Oda non! We present the Goblin from "The Alluring Queen Pharnelis Imprisoned by Goblins!"

From the illustration to the initial sculpt, all the way to the decoration master (the fully painted product prototype), we met with Oda several times to create a final product that meets his exacting standards.

This incredibly thorough recreation is an exact replica of the original drawing, including the skull motif necklace and muscle definition.

Genital parts are also included, which can be equipped if you so desire.

Pair together with Queen Pharnelis from "The Alluring Queen Pharnelis Imprisoned by Goblins" to make even more of the illustration come to life.

Enjoy posing the 2 figures together, and have fun imagining yourself seeing through the eyes of the goblin.

* Chain included with both Queen and Goblin.

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