Pirate Arhian Exclusive 1:4 Scale Statue

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In the years after the third Arkhorian War, hordes of pirates, and mercenaries roamed the savage seas, their swords serving no cause but themselves or the highest bidder. Across these bloodstained waters sailed Arhian and her lover, Captain Ras, a proud and fierce pirate couple, their guile and wit as cutting as their blades. Storming through an age without heroes, she claimed it for hers and cleaved her way into legend.

The third and final 1/4th scale Arhian statue featuring Arhian’s pirate outfit as seen in her first Graphic Novel was sculpted and painted by Arahom Radjah and completes your fantastic ARHIAN collection!

All EX statues come with the complete five issues graphic novel comic book of ARHIAN HEAD HUNTRESS.

A very limited edition of only 125 statues.

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