Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection #10

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Its time to travel into the 23rd century with the most magnificent starship around, Star Trek Klingon QOJ Class Starship from the Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection

This stunning hand-painted Star Trek Klingon QOJ Class Starship was carefully designed by John Dickenson; a former comic book inker turned concept artist. TheQoj (or war) class was one of several Klingon attack ships that came out of a series of studies for the Klingon fleet.

This accompanying illustrated magazine comes with in-depth information about your model and explores how the QOJ Class was designed with several colours and textures to establish a sense of the Klingon design.

Material: Die-cast
Length: 14 cm 
Width: approx 9 cm 
Weight: approx 390 g
Packaging: Boxed and Blistered
Language: Magazine in English

Comes with a display stand

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