Emmett's Mark

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Emmett is a promising young detective who one day the doctor told that he had only weeks to live. After his initial shock at the top has come, he gets a visit from a mysterious figure who makes an offer: for a modest sum he will ensure that Emmett quick and painless death instead of the agony that awaits him with its debilitating disease. After thinking goes Emmett agreed, but then he gets news from his doctor: there is a mistake in the hospital and he actually has no fatal disease. Emmett does not die ... at least if he could stop the mysterious man he has just paid to murder him!

Genre: Action / Thriller

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Sound Format
Dolby Digital 5.1 DTS



Keith Snyder

Actor s
Gabriel Byrne, Khandi Alexander, Tim Roth, Ira Hawkins, Scott Wolf, Greg Wood

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