Idol - Greatest Moments

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Appeared earlier Idols - auditions as the ultimate schadenfreude on Idol - Greatest Moments we can not just drop out to gloat at various auditions, but the whole experience all hype again. Fans with a video at home do not have to order the DVD, because most of it has already been seen on TV. The fast compound DVD contains a summary of the auditions to the finals, and the glorious entrance of Jamai folk hero in various TV programs later. All Idols sing two songs together, and obviously their individual successful and less successful performances of covers like 'Son Of a Preacherman' (Mary), "Jessie" (Jim) and 'Feel' (Hind). Also: Workshop scattershot images, mini documentaries of the ten finalists, Jamai's music video "Step Right Up" and additional audition images. Forged together by that terrible Idols tune. Next Please!

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