Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection #15

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Introducing U.S.S Edison NCC-1683 Starship, a fantastic hoover class Federation starship with a unique diamond-shaped extension to the rear of its saucer section. This starship is now available from the Star Trek Discovery Official Starship Collection.

The U.S.S Edison NCC-1683 Starship was one of several Starfleet vessels that responded to the distress call sent by the U.S.S. Shenzou following its encounter with a gathering of Klingon ships lead by the warrior T’Kuvma. This superb ship was designed by John Eaves and is one of the most compact ships he designed for theStar Trek: Discovery.

The U.S.S Edison NCC-1683 Starship comes with a full-colour magazine about your model and how the ship was created.

Type: Model Ship
Length: approx 14 cm
Material: Die-Cast
Packaging: Full-colour box
Language: Magazine in English


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