Star Wars Infinity's End 1 t/m 4

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Infinity´s End #1 (of 4) Release Date: 25 Oct 2000
Infinity´s End #2 (of 4) Release Date: 22 Nov 2000
Infinity´s End #3 (of 4) Release Date: 27 Dec 2000
Infinity´s End #4 (of 4) Release Date: 31 Jan 2001

Language: English

The planet Ova and all its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. Now it's up to Jedi Quinlan Vos to discover why. His investigation takes him on an undercover journey to the planet of Dathomir where he must take on the role of a slave and bend to the will of the various warring clans of witches who rule the planet. Will Quin be able to find the answer to Ova's disappearance before he falls prey to the dark side? Find the answers to these questions and more in the first exciting chapter of "Infinity's End"!


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