Alien vs. Predator Action Figure 2-Pack Battle Damaged Celtic vs Battle Damaged Grid 20-23 cm

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This special edition action figure 2-pack is based on the Alien vs. Predator movie, which pits the deadly Xenomorphs against the galaxy's most feared hunters!

It includes Battle-Damaged Celtic Predator and Battle-Damaged Grid Alien figures with special deco and accessories for re-enacting their final, fatal battle!

Standing over 20 cm tall, Battle-Damaged Celtic Predator features a new damaged mask and blades, as well as a stripped-down armor setup.

Battle-Damaged Grid Alien stands over 23 cm tall and features an extendable inner mouth, as well as a damaged bendable tail with severed tail tip that can be used as a hand-held weapon by Celtic.

The set also includes an actual net with drawstring enclosure to ensnare your Xenomorphs! Both figures feature over 30 points of articulation and decoration that is exclusive to this set and not available anywhere else.

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