Back to the Future Diorama Sculpted Movie Poster & Ultimate Visual History Collectors Edition

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Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History Collector's Edition features an exclusive bas relief that brings to life Drew Struzan's iconic poster art for the Back to the Future Part II. Featuring lifelike renderings of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the DeLorean time machine, and vibrant paintwork, this piece will enthrall Back to the Future fans everywhere.

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History is a stunning journey into the creation of this beloved time-traveling saga and comes with hundreds of never-before-seen images from all three movies, along with rare concept art, storyboards, and other visual treasures. The book also features exclusive interviews with key cast and crew members - including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, and more - and tells the complete story of the production of the movies, from the initial concept to the staging of iconic scenes such as the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance and the hoverboard sequence.

This unique collector's edition comes with an exclusive case design and jacket and specially designed slipcase. Also new to the collector's edition are several exclusive inserts not found in the trade book, including a Biff Tannen museum ticket, deleted scenes and poster art foldouts, Back to the Future premiere tickets, blueprints for the flux capacitor and brain-wave analyzer, and much, much more. In addition, the collector's edition comes with three 32-page booklets that feature unseen visuals from the three films: one focusing on on-set photography, one on the futuristic art from the second film, and one on the storyboard art created for the trilogy.

Comprehensive, compelling, and definitive, Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History, Collector's Edition is the book that fans have been waiting for.

Product Size
10.5" H (266.7mm) x 2.875" W (73.03mm) x 7.75" L (196.85mm)
11" H (279.4mm) x 9.25" W (234.95mm)
Product Weight
11.00 lbs (4.99 kg)
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight
What's in the Box?

The Back to the Future: Sculpted Movie Poster & Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History Collector's Edition features:

  • Bas relief sculpt of artist Drew Struzan’s iconic poster art for Back to the Future Part II
  • 9.25'' x 11'' book with exclusive slipcase, jacket, and cover
  • 24 insert items, including several not available in the trade edition of the book, including a futuristic Pizza Hut sleeve, a ticket to Biff Tannen’s museum, a map to the Delgado Mine, premiere ticket replicas, and reproductions of the flux capacitor and brain-wave analyzer blueprints. It also comes with exclusive fold-out sections on Drew Struzan’s posters and the trilogy’s deleted scenes
  • Three 32-page booklets exclusive to this collector’s edition of the book that features never-before-seen imagery from all three films

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