Batman Dark Knight Rises Gotham City Rogues - Hines Ward 6" AF

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises: Gotham City Rogues - Hines Ward 6" AF

McFarlane Toys is excited to offer piece of the movie in true Sports Picks fashion. During The Dark Knight Rises trailer, fans were able to watch as Bane blew up a football field during a game between the fictional Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments. Several members of the Pittsburgh Steelers made a cameo appearance during this scene. The main clip shows retired 2-time Super Bowl champion (Steelers) and last seasons Dancing with the Stars champion, Hines Ward returning a kick for the Rogues. The field begins to collapse behind him as he races for the end zone, engulfing both teammates and would-be tacklers. The scene ends with Ward celebrating before finally turning to see the carnage behind him. The Dark Knight Rises' Hines Ward figure is depicted in a black and yellow Gotham Rogue jersey, as seen in the film.


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