Batman The Joker Action Figure (Slapstick Smack)

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Batman The Joker Action Figure (Slapstick Smack)

DC Super Heroes and DC Super Villains are ready to battle it out in imaginative, big antics DC style with this bold, bright, kid-friendly assortment. Each 4-inch figure (10 cm) is highly detailed, with iconic colors, expressions and styling. Each figure also comes with a massive cool accessory to engage in heightened combat. The assortment features Batarang Claw Batman; Electro-Net Batman; Action Wing Batman; Speed Strike The Flash; Steel Shield Superman, who guards and deflects enemies with mega force; our Tech Glider Robin who soars high above foes and then swoops in for surprise attacks; and Slapstick Smack THE JOKER Figure. With such diverse characters and inventive attack and defense weaponry, kids can play out infinite, DC Super Heroes-sized adventures. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

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