Breaking Bad Action Figure Gus Fring Burned Face EE Exclusive

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Op voorraad
In verband met de Dutch Comic Con is The Movie Store gesloten t/m dinsdag 28/03. Vanaf woensdag 29/03 wordt uw bestelling verstuurd.

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Breaking Bad Action Figure Gus Fring Burned Face EE Exclusive

Gus Fring, the ruthless drug kingpin with the mild mannered, respectable exterior gets half of his face blown off by a bomb. Gus Fring is wearing his black and blue suit as seen in the episode, and is in the process of adjusting his tie. This EE Exclusive Gus Fring Action Figure also comes with a special slip case packaging. Gus Fring looks all nice and dapper in the package, but as you slide the slip cover down, poor Gus is shown with his half his face burned off!

A true fan favorite, this 6-inch scale EE Exclusive Gustavo Fring Burned Face Action Figure wears one of his trademark suits and his ever-present glasses are removable. Dapper yet subdued, he appears harmless, but make no mistake, ice water flows through his veins and he can kill you without hesitation if you stand in his way.



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