Minions Movie Build-A-Minion Pirate / Cro-Minion Action Figure

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Minions Movie Build-A-Minion Pirate / Cro-Minion Action Figure

Each mix and match deluxe action figure is poseable with special features or accessories included. Choose from Build-A-Minion Pirate/Cro-Minion (12 parts in all!), Build-A-Minion Arctic Kevin (press his pocket to move his eyes!), Bob with Teddy Bear (the bear fits in his lunchbox!), Dracula’s Minion Stuart (his biting action reveals his scary fangs!), and Banana Munching Stuart (press his arm down to feed him his favorite treat!).

  • 2 Toys in 1!
  • Snap parts together to build a Pirate Minion or Cro-Minion or mix & match to create your own!
  • Articulated arms & feet!
    12 PARTS IN ALL: Minion Body, Double Eyes, Single Eye, Pirate Kerchief, Hair with Bone, Hand with Club, Hand with Sword, Pirate left hand, Cro-Minion left hand, Pirate Pants, Cro-Minion pants and Cro-Minion tail.
  • Ages 4 & up.

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