Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection #11

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Travel with the U.S.S. Shran NCC-91413 Starship, a small Magee-class starship with a unique nacelle design that ran around its saucer section. The Sharn was one of a number of Federation starships to answer a distress call from the U.S.S. Shenzhou after it came under threat from Klingon forces led by the fanatical T’Kuvma. 

This stunning U.S.S. Shran NCC-1413 Starship model was designed by John Eaves, who theorised was used as a testbed for experimental warp technologies in the early days of Star Trek: Discovery. He designed an entire fleet of Starfleet ships between 60 and 70 different designs. 

This accompanying illustrated magazine comes with in-depth information about your model and explores how the U.S.S. Shran NCC-1413 Starship was designed. Discover more adventures in the Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection

Type: Model Ship
Length: approx 13 cm
Material: Die-Cast
Packaging: Full-colour box
Language: Magazine in English


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