Star Trek Official Starships Collection #144

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Time travel into the 24th century to track down Gomtuu, the latest addition to theStar Trek Official Starship Collection. Gomtuu, also known as Tin Man, was an organic vessel of enormous power that lived symbiotically with its crew- and perhaps the last of its kind.

The imposing Gomtuu was shaped like a sunflower seed but about the length of the Enterprise-D. It was an ancient living creature and its surface shimmered and pulsed with an ethereal light. This stunning model was carefully designed by Rick Sternbach who conceived an organic look that resembled a vast sea creature with an outer shell.

The accompanying magazine comes packed with in-depth information about your ship, how the model was created, and exclusive photography from its appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Type: Model Ship
Length: approx 13 cm
Material: Die-Cast
Packaging: Full-colour box
Language: Magazine in English


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