Star Trek Official Starships Collection Special #30

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Introducing the sixteenth special of Star Trek The Official Starships Collection a stunning model of the Star Trek Earth V’ger Starship as seen in the Director's edition of 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture. 

V’Ger was a vast, mysterious spacecraft that destroyed everything in its path as it headed towards Earth in the first Star Trek movie. The massive alien craft around V’Ger was designed by the legendary Syd Mead and was his early work for the big screen

This detailed model of V’ger was developed by the legendary Syd Mead, his first work for the big screen. The V'ger is carefully created using high-quality die-cast material with an impressive length of 22 cm long! 

This fantastic issue of the Star Trek Earth V’ger Starship is accompanied by a full-colour 20-page magazine filled with in-depth information about your model!

Type: Model Ship
Length: approx 13 cm
Material: Die-Cast
Packaging: Full-colour box
Language: Magazine in English


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