Ted 2 Animated Talking Plush Figure Scuba Explicit

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Ted 2 Animated Talking Plush Figure Scuba Explicit
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Straight from the blockbuster ´Ted 2´ comes this 40 cm tall plush figure of the soft, cuddly and cursing teddy bear with moving mouth!

The Talking Ted plush figure features the following phrases from the Ted movie:

- I love our gun dog baby family.
- Newsflash, Boston whore has seen Italian Penis.
- You will not wreck this night with your forced white people group fun.
- 2 League MVP’s, 4 SuperBowl Rings, guaranteed 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. Now lets give him a hand job into this cup.
 - Wow, you make history come alive.
- Well that was back when she was rowwr and before she was who-hoa!
 - We dont' know any lawyers, all our friends make sandwiches.
- I'm gonna get a huge migraine in the parking lot in about twenty minutes.
- I gotta post this. Hashtag _Grrr, Mondays.
- We could totally be lawyers.
- Its always good to find new ways to surprise your lover.
- Ahh s’cuz me, where’s your non-jerk off bathroom?
- Piss off, I don’t want to get any jizz on me!
- That felt smooth, really smooth.
- That’s what you get for fuckin’ excersizin’!

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