Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows 1/4 Statue Bebop 54 cm

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"Oh ho ho, you all gots jokes, huh? Well, let's see how funny you are after we bash your heads in!"

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present PMTMNT-01: Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. The African American man with a purple mohawk is crafted in 1/4 scale with attention to each detail of the character. The warthog stands around 54 cm tall (without base 49 cm) with high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect.

Bebop and Rocksteady are two of New York City's finest career criminals. Breaking and entering, theft, assault... you name it, they've done it and been caught every time. They're not the best criminal or the smartest guys, which makes them the perfect candidates to be Shredder's guinea pigs. With a new Purple Ooze, Bebop and Rocksteady are injected and transformed into powerful mutants that dwarf the Turtles in size and strength.

Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.

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Product Type: Polystone Statue
Product Size: 21" H (533.4mm)
Manufacturer: Prime 1 Studio
Limited Edition of: 500

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