The Hobbit Replica 1/1 Mace of Azog The Defiler

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The Hobbit Replica 1/1 Mace of Azog The Defiler
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Thought to have been destroyed in the great battle between Orcs and Dwarves, Azog the Defiler has come forth once more, and he will stop at nothing to hunt down and destroy every last member of the company of Thorin Oakenshield. Azog’s primary weapon is his war mace. A primitive but brutal weapon, the mace was constructed of wood, leather, cord, and rough forged steel. This replica is based on the prop and models used for the film. It is crafted in steel reinforced polyresin with precise attention to detailing. It is presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Azog´s tattoo scars.



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