Better Tomorrow 3

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"A Better Tomorrow 3" takes place ten years before the events of part one and shows how Mark (Chow Yun-Fat) in the criminal world locale. It's 1974 and Mark left for Saigon to his cousin Mun (Tony Leung) to meet. Although Mun just been released from prison, he for Mark to join the war. Before they make contact with the sexy gangster Anita Mui who immediately falls for Mark as a block. The three of them collect a fortune in arms, but when Anita's ex-husband, a gangster boss is released from prison, is the beginning of a long struggle with Mark not for money and power to fight, but for his love ..


Hark Tsui

Actor s
Anita Mui, Kien Shih, Ka Fai Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fat


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