Love Life

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In this charming comedy is the turbulent love lives of six people over eight p.m. central. Danny helps his friend Zoey is imminent. Molly is sweet and always compassionate friend of Alan who are successful, but is also selfish. Amy is a student in silence for a while in love with her good friend Danny. And Tim only has eyes for his neighbors, he is watching with binoculars. Because their lives so intertwined, the scene of each of them significant upside put themselves complicated by crushes and broken relationships or even early happiness. Love and lust in the story play an important role, but above all it is a story about the power of friendship.

Comedy / Entertainment

Jon Harmon Feldman

Actor s
Bruce Davison, Carla Gugino Jon Tenney, Matthew Latvian Cher, Saffron Burrows, Tushka Bergen, Sherily Fenn



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