To End All Wars

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In WWII the Japanese army occupied the highly westernized Singapore. The Army seeks allies to withdraw, but nevertheless falls into the hands of the Japanese. Major Ian Campbell (Robert Carlyle), Captain Ernest Gordon (Ciaran McMenamin), Lt. Jim Reardon (Kiefer Sutherland) are part of the group that is transferred to a camp in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The prisoner of war shall cooperate in the middle of the jungle to build the notorious Burma Railway. Colonel McLean as the camp is killed, there is disagreement among the men. Campbell takes the lead and developed a plan to take over the camp, but he gets little help from its depleted fellow prisoners. Captain Gordon begins a "swimming school" so the morale of the others a bit to raise. The plans of the initiative of Gordon Campbell and from the moment stand at right angles. And so will the large WWII a little equal in the struggle between two parties within a prison camp, between education and violence and between forgiveness and revenge.

Genre: Drama / War

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Dolby Digital 5.1



David L. Cunningham

Actor s
Ciarán McMenamin, James Cosmo, Kiefer Sutherland, Masayuki Yui, Robert Carlyle, Sakae Kimura, Shu Nakajima, Yugo Saso

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