Wild about Harry

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Harry McKee, host of a talk show, was once a loving husband, but his drunkenness and adultery his wife Ruth now decide to request a divorce. When Harry on the eve of the hearing is beaten, but that has unforeseen consequences. His behavior is becoming more volatile and after a broadcast in an influential politician has been ridiculed, he falls into a coma and faint. If he wakes up after a week it shows his knowledge of the last quarter erased and he is convinced no older than eighteen to be! Ruth sees her chance for him to re-educate a monogamous teetotaler. But the politician whose reputation ruined Harry, meanwhile is intent on revenge. And not a little too ....

Drama / Romance

Declan company to become

Actor s
Adrian Dunbar, Amanda Donohoe, Brendan Gleeson, Bronagh Gallagher, George Wendt, Henry Deazley, James Nesbitt

Aspect ratio
16:9 Anamorphic

Sound Format
Dolby Digital 5.1


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