Art of a Bullet

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When Luke visits his childhood friend Andrew to take leave of him, do not think Andrew wants to commit suicide Lucas. When a couple of deputies at the door appear to be questioned on their criminal activities in the area, the suicide plan of Lucas postponed. These burglars appear to have sheriffs and want to rob the house. Andrew is tied and then beaten up vreselijkin. The two burglars are looking for money, something that Andrew has not. Lucas turns the tables when he declines their pistols and killed two burglars. Andrew tries to convince Lucas to call the police, but Lucas refuses. He is an ex-convict with a long criminal record and can not take the risk of a trial. lucas Andrew gets on the bodies dumpenin Lake Hollywood ... A dangerous operation begins with a surprising ending!

Genre: Action



Actor s
Al Berman (I); Leif Garrett, Muse Watson, Nicholas Walker, Stephen Wozniak
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