Rose Garden

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Gabriele Freund, a German lawyer who has assumed the defense of Aaron Eichenbach, an elderly man at the airport, another old man has been attacked. Reichenbach refuses to speak about the incident and so seemingly incomprehensible act to declare. Gabriele will soon discover that the "victim" a former Nazi officer in a concentration camp. This Arnold Krenn was responsible for the death of one of Reichenbach's sisters, his other sister was never seen again. The two girls were part of a group of twenty children under the command of Krenn were executed in cold blood. Krenn wants to sue but Gabriele Reichenbach stores the black pages of his dark and evil past open. Even after fifty years reveals there is hard struggle for justice, truth and reparation. The Rose Garden is based on the murder of the children of the 'Bullenhuser Damm. " These children, who were used for medical experiments in concentration Neuengamme, were on the birthday of Adolf Hitler hanging, only days before the World War II ended. Actress Liv Ullmann was for her portrayal of Gabriele Freund a Golden Globe nomination. The Austrian writer Paul Hengge wrote the screenplay for this American-German co-production directed by Fons Rademakers.



Fons Rademakers

Actor s
Gila Almagor, Hanns Zischler, Jan Niklas, Katarina Lena Muller, Kurt Hübner, Liv Ullmann, Mareike Carrière, Maximilian Schell, Peter Fonda, Ute Brankatsch

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